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Note: It's the most detailed and clear warranty policy designed to avoid any surprises for Amazing Customers like you.

Please, it read once, to get Fast Warranty Support.

Detailed Terms:

This is the most Simplified Warranty you can get in the whole Industry with no fine prints or hidden clauses.

Its goal is to give the Fastest Warranty support, once we have all the diagnostic information of the customer product.

The only thing, customers need to ensure that they must Register their Digital Warranty within 7 Days from Delivery (https://cellbell.in/warranty-registration/), as registered product warranty is a must in case you need any support, service or any replacement related help.

Warranty Validity Period:

  • For Unregistered warranty Orders: 30 Days(1 month) service warranty from Invoice Date.
  • For Registered warranty Orders: 360 Days(12 months) service warranty from Invoice Date.
  • If not registered yet, Please Register for warranty from this link: (https://cellbell.in/warranty-registration/).

Products Box Includes:

-Revolving Chair set would include: 

  1. Upper sitting part, 
  2. Wheel Base, & 
  3. Hydraulic Bar, 
  4. Rest items apart from this will be add-on accessories we may or may not provide occasionally. 

Products Quality:

-Each product part goes through multiple Levels of Quality checks at various stages of 

  1. Manufacturing, 
  2. Restocking, 
  3. Packing, & 
  4. Dispatch 

so we wrote this warranty text for those rare incidents where our product becomes a problem even after such stringent QC measures.

Warranty Coverage Includes:

-Manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship of the product. This warranty applies when the product is used under normal conditions and the purpose for which the product was designed.

-We are responsible for these Under normal usage: - Wear and tear of a seat at the time of delivery and - Undulations in the seat surface - Shrinkage of seat thickness by more than 50%(within first 30 days from delivery date).

-This limited warranty is only valid in India, and the product is not eligible for any international warranty service(Due to serviceability).

-CELLBELL may ask the customer to conduct diagnostic tests on customers‘ products to identify the causes of failures/defects.

- We have internal product audit checks to detect the usage time of the product until it stopped working as per customer expectation.

- Hence any decision passed by our internal quality team will be considered as a final call on each problem case.

-In rare cases, we can also void the warranty of any order if we don't get sufficient details to cure the customer problem hence it is advisable to share whatever details our customer support asks related to the product.

-In online selling, we noticed that rare customers use product reviewing as a blackmailing tool, so in such cases, we have complete rights to stop any further support or warranty for that customer orders, hence it is advisable to be respectful for the company reputation because we defined this warranty policy to assist as many as possible genuine customer issues.


Hydraulic is not covered under warranty as it is susceptible to excessive weight placed on the chair seat, so even our highest quality hydraulic can't bear more than what they are designed for(Advisable to check with our support to find the load range your chair can bear).

- Any Add-on accessory (if any) given in the package is out of this warranty support.

-Warranty does not cover natural wear & tear, usage under extreme conditions, damage due to improper care (accident, misuse or negligence) and damage caused by acts of God such as floods, fires or earthquakes.

-Self-repairs, exposure to water, damage caused by misuse, alternation, failure to comply with product manual, and so on

-Products purchased from unauthorized resellers.

-Any Damage to outer rexine or fabric or net cover material is considered as usage issue which is not covered in this warranty because we use the highest standard material passed by multiple QC checks internally.

-Anything which makes the product unsellable is not covered under warranty like usage, material issue damage issue, etc.

-Any damages resulted from excessive weight applied without verifying with the product maker.

-Free products are given a promotion or as a replacement.



-No Need to visit any service center, Just Contact our Support via LiveChat (https://bit.ly/cellbelllive).

-You can also mail us from (https://cellbell.in/contact-us/), or you can refer the user manual received with the product.

-Provide problem pictures and videos to an assigned support person, then as per your case support person may arrange a service person at your location for inspection and for a minor repair if needed.

-In any case, if the product found to be with manufacturing defect, we may use the following options at our sole discretion: 

  1. Repair the product and restore it to its optimum working condition with an intact warranty period.
  2. Arrange a free Return Pickup and Refund of your product.
  3. Arrange a free Return Pickup and Replacement of your product.

-There is no assurance, representation or warranty that any replacement product will be identical to the Product You purchased as it will be solely as per product availability at that time. Product comparability will be determined by us at our sole discretion.

-You can expect to get replies from Customer support within defined support timings(10 am-5 pm) on working days(Mon-Sat), except on public holidays and Sundays.

-This Limited Warranty applies to any replacement product or part, or to any repair, for the remainder of the original Warranty Period.
- In case of a refund, the refund amount depends on the usage of the product. Example: if the product is used for 50% of warranty duration time, then a refund cannot be more than 50% of item value.

-All the above processes will be taken on priority for registered orders only, please ensure to register your warranty.

Resolution Time:

-In case of Replacement order, we may arrange free return pickup which will take 3-7 days to reach back us, then as per product inspection, we will send the replacement product.

-In case of Refund order, we may arrange free return pickup which will take 3-7 days to reach us, then as per product inspection we will release your refund for return product.

-In case of the Repair order, Arranging service person for your product inspection or correction will take around 24-72hrs after our customer support team confirms you about the repair order creation.

In Simple Words:

As per each customer case, they will get the following maximum benefits under this warranty if they possess warranty code which can be obtained from customer support within 7 days of delivery:

  1. No Need to visit any service center, Just Contact our Support via Live Chat (https://bit.ly/cellbelllive).
  2. You can also mail us from (https://cellbell.in/contact-us/), or you can refer the user manual received with the product.
  3. 30 Days window to report any genuine manufacturing defect in product material.
  4. 60 Days window to report any moving part issue occurred without any ill-usage.
  5. 45 Days window to ask the refund for only unused products lying at the customer end, the used product doesn't come under the refund policy ever(Product Return shipment charges will be applicable).
  6. 1 Time Repair Covered.
  7. 48 Months Digital Support.
  8. 1 time On-site Service.
  9. 1 Time Replacement
  10. 1 Time Refund
  11. 1 Time Return
  12. 1 time-specific part replacement.
  13. After the above free benefits, customers can opt for Unlimited customer Paid Repairs and spare parts.
  14. In the online world, any negative product review about the problem which is not covered above will lead to a warranty void as we have No-Bullshit policy against online blackmailers because we really love to serve genuine customers rather than blackmailers.